Jameson, Robert (1821)

Jameson, Robert (1821)

Jameson, Robert (1821)

Manual | of | Mineralogy: | containing | An Account Of Simple Minerals, | And Also A | Description And Arrangement | Of | Mountain Rocks. | [double rule] | By | Robert Jameson, | Regius Professor Of Natural History, Lecturer On Mineralogy, And | Keeper Of The Museum In The University Of Edinburgh; | Fellow Of The Royal And Antiquarian Societies Of Edinburgh; President | Of The Wernerian Natural History Society, And Member Of The Royal | Medical And Physical Societies Of Edinburgh; Honorary Member Of The | Royal Irish Academy, And Of The Royal Dublin Society; Fellow Of The | Linnean And Geological Societies Of London; Of The Royal Geological | Society Of Cornwall, And Of The Cambridge Philosophical Society; Of | The Royal Society Of Copenhagen; Of The Royal Academy Of Sciences Of | Berlin; Of The Royal Academy Of Sciences Of Naples; Of The Imperial | Natural History Society Of Moscow; Of The Imperial Pharmaceutical | Society Of Petersburgh; Of The Society Of Natural History Of Wette- | rau; Of The Mineralogical Society Of Jena; Of The Royal Mineralogi- | cal Society Of Dresden; Honorary Member of The Literary And Philo- | sophical Society Of New York; Of The New York Historical Society; Of | The American Antiquarian Society, &c. | [double rule] | Edinburgh: | Printed For Archibald Constable & Co. Edinburgh; | And Hurst, Robinson & Co. London. | [rule] |1821.

Half title: Manual | Of | Mineralogy

Collation: 8°: π4 a-c8 d4 A-Gg8 Hh6;  [8] [1] ii-liv [2] [1] 2-501 (recte 491) [1] p. (page 473 misnumbered 472)

Page size: 131 x 208 mm

Binding: recent half leather over marbled boards with gilt lettering on spine label

Provenance: ex libris "Charles N. Bancker" and label of the "Library of the Wagner Free Institute of Science" as well as blind stamp of the same institute on half title page, title page and dedication page

Other editions: none

References: Schuh 2451; Ward & Carozzi 1203

Note: bound in at the end is a list of works by Jameson as well as books published by A. Constable (together 4 p.) and a catalogue of instruments made and sold by W. and S. Jones (14 p.)

Collection: private collection

Jameson, Robert (1821)