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Wilhelm, 1834

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Antiquarian Mineralogy/Crystallography Books:
(081) Atlas de la description d'une collection de minéraux
(083) ‎Fuess, R. ‎Kataloggruppe 4

Mineralogical/Crystallographic Instruments:
(075) Early Mineralogical Microscope for sale
(076) Nicholson hydrometer
(078) Objectives Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
(079) Ortholux Pol for sale
(082) Berek compensator

Crystal Models:

Contacts and Miscellaneous:
(066) antique German petrographic microscopes



Fuess, R. Kataloggruppe 4 - Mikroskope und Instrumente für allgemeine optische Beobachtungen und Materialuntersuchungen.
Claude Hootelé

1939, 8°, original edition 10 (of 15) descriptive richly illustrated perforated brochures: Lupen (not present); Polarisations-Mikroskope (48 p.); Werkstoff-Mikroskope (12 p.); Meßokulare, Integriervorrichtung "Sigma" (12 p.); Mikroskop und Projektionsgerät "Orthophot" (not present); Kameras für Makro- und Mikro-Photographie (16 p.); Zeichenapparate (not present); Lichtquellen f. Mikroskopie usw. (4 p.); Meß-Mikroskope (16 p.); Ablese-Fernrohre und Kathetometer (12 p.); Optische Laufprüfer (not present); Schneide-, Schleif- und Poliermaschinen, Hilfsmittel zur Herstellung von Dünnschliffen (16 p.); Ritzhärteprüfer (8 p.); Instrumente für optische Kontrollzwecke (not present); Geologen-Kompasse (16 p.). Very good inner condition of the set.
€ 45.

Fuess Katalog

Fuess Katalog

Fuess Katalog

(082) 02/02/15

Berek compensator
Claude Hootelé

Berek compensator in its original wooden box (94 x 56 x 42 mm). The instrument is in perfect condition and functional (but without the original notice of direction for use). Leitz N° 1201.
The Berek compensator was used for accurate measurements of retardation and recognition of the optic sign through determination of the position of the fast and slow rays.
€ 125.-




(081) 06/08/14

Atlas de la description d'une collection de minéraux
Claude Hootelé

Atlas de la description d'une collection de minéraux, formée par M. Henri Heuland, et appartenant a M. Ch. Hampden Turner, de Rooksnest, dans le Comté de Surrey en Angleterre par A. Lévy. Londres 1837

Only the atlas volume is offered here:
4° (oblong: ca 26 x 34 cm); 84 plates of crystal drawings on 83 pages (no half-title page in this copy) Contemporary half leather with gilt printed label Very good general condition (slightly browned paper with minor occasional brown spots, as usual) « Very scarce. One of the most elaborate and important catalogs of any mineral collection.» (Schuh 3025)



(079) 01/05/13

Ortholux Pol for sale
Sven Maaloe

Ortholux Pol with extensive equiment for sale for 15.000 euros: 22 objectives, with Heine phase contrast and U-stage objectives, 8 condensors with Ahrens nicol condensor and U-stage conoscopic condensor, 17 oculars with Wright and projection oculars, U-stage and 1250 C heating stage, 100 and 30 watt lamps, point counting, macroscopic Leits photo objective, Hasselblad camera, and cabinet og bubinga and oak wood. Privately owned sold due to old age. Email me for pictures


(078) 10/02/13

Objectives Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
Torbjörn Frejd

I am looking for a case of objectives for an old geological polarising microscope Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 227915 (bought in 1925 in Stockholm). I lost my case by an unfortunate misunderstanding some years ago and I would like to buy one if I can find one. It had three objectives in it which were to be mounted by a type of clamp (the clamp is on the microscope).

(076) 28/11/12

Nicholson hydrometer
Paul Tambuyser

Areometer (cylinder diameter: 4.4 cm) made of sheet iron and lead cone, both enamelled blue. In cylindrical can enamelled blue and gold (diameter: 7.5 cm, length: 29 cm). French, unsigned, middle of 19th century.

This instrument was used for density measurements of minerals and gemstones.
€ 195.-

cylindrical container of the areometer  Nicholson hydrometer

(075) 14/11/12

Early Mineralogical Microscope for sale
Marc Lavenant

I have an early mineralogical microscope by A. Picart 22, rue Mayet for sale. It is very similar to the example illustrated in Soret's "Éléments de cristallographie physique" and to the one exhibited at the "Exposition bicentenaire de chute de la Météorite de Toulouse" exhibition earlier this year. Please contact me should this be of interest.

(066) 22/03/12

antique German petrographic microscopes
Dr. Timo Mappes

We are always searching for antique polarizing microscopes and accessories for petrographic microscopes by the German makers "R. Fuess Berlin", "Dr. Carl Leiss Berlin - Steglitz", "Voigt & Hochgesang Göttingen", "R. Winkel Göttingen", "Ernst Leitz Wetzlar" and "Carl Zeiss Jena" for extending our collection.

We are happy to provide additional information  about any German brass microscope. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our entire collection with more than 4000 photos of antique microscopes, along with their individual background may be visited via the link posted beneath this text. Please take a moment to flip through the detailled online discussions of 27 important petrographic microscopes made in 1870 - 1930.


(063) 24/01/12

Helmut Enzinger

Grosses , aus Glas geschliffenes Modell eines Diamanten
Durchmesser 10cm
Höhe 6cm

Preis  Euro 400.-